Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre-We can Help

Help and Support When You Need it.

  worried teenIf you think you may be pregnant, The Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre is able to help. You will need support, particularly if your pregnancy is unplanned. You will have so much on your mind and it can be hard to think clearly.   That's where Edmonton Pregnancy Crisis Centre can help. We're here to listen, and offer whatever support we can. People who come to us, find a listening ear from someone who will not judge them.

What am I going to do?

  How can I be sure I'm pregnant? How should I tell my family? Can I continue school? Keep my job? What if I'm a teen? Where can I obtain good medical advice? What about finances? Can I keep my baby? Is marriage the solution? Where can I live until my baby is born?

Make contact

  The first step, if you think you are pregnant, is to get in touch. You can call us or visit the Centre.

Make sure

  You need to know for sure and we can provide a free pregnancy test. It's simple, quick and totally confidential.

What is a crisis pregnancy?

A pregnancy can become a crisis when it is complicated by:

  • school or career pressures
  • family tension
  • broken relationships
  • financial needs
  • health concerns
Talk it through

  If you find you are pregnant, don't panic. Don't be pressured into a hasty decision. You can talk confidentially to us either by phone or at the Centre. We will help you work things through and you will be offered valuable information and given time and space to think things through.

Here for you

  If you decide to have, or have had, an abortion, you may need emotional support. 
  If you feel upset, troubled or depressed, we are here for you.

Practical support

 We also offer practical support both during and after pregnancy, including:

  • Help with finding accommodation

  • Advice on benefits

  • Support with family difficulties

...and just someone to be alongside you as a friend. Don't feel as if you are on your own. Just call us.